Here’s an ongoing list of common client inquiries & concerns. If you have questions not listed below please email me at contact@cameshawhite.com or complete this form.

How soon can you start?  I ask that you provide a 3-week notice for larger projects, and 2 weeks for smaller requests. With few monthly openings for new clients each month, my schedule fills quickly. Should you require assistance immediately, I’d be happy to prioritize your project for an expedited fee of 20% of the invoice amount.

What are your rates?  The cost for services vary depending on the extensiveness of your project, i.e. research, keyword integration, formatting, images, internal linking, etc. However, most website development projects start at $600, and career branding at $100.  Technical and business writing projects are custom quoted based on scope.

For WordPress website development projects please keep in mind additional costs associated with site themes, features and legal requirements.

Can we discuss project via phone/video? The bulk of our communication will be via email. I prefer this method because documenting your comments, goals and answers to the questionnaire allows me to better understand your needs, quickly communicate with you, and obtain valuable information critical to the delivery of a highly professional product. It also serves as the best reference point for further development processes. Phone/video consultations cost an additional fee of $40.

How does the revision process work? Every project includes 1 round of edits. Additional revisions will incur a fee of $15-30.

What’s the process like?

  1. Contact me here and complete questionnaire; I’ll review & develop timeline, quote and next steps according to your content needs and goals.
  2. You’ll review, confirm and pay 50% of invoice; I’ll get started, deliver draft(s), and provide an opportunity for feedback & revisions.
  3. You’ll sign off on final approval & I’ll send over invoice for remaining 50% balance.

For larger, extended projects I’ll deliver a status report every 72 hours to keep you informed of progress.

Do you write articles or perform link building for websites? Yes, but currently I’m not accepting any blogging/web content creation projects, only content development & internal linking related to website landing pages and navigation.

What industries and professions have you written resumes for?

  • General Business (Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Administrative Services)
  • Skilled Trades (Construction, Manufacturing, Facilities, Personal Care)
  • Professional Services (Legal, HR, Consulting, Law Enforcement)
  • Design (Graphic, Industrial, Interior)
  • Financial (Banking, Lending, Investing, Real Estate)
  • Arts (Actor, Musician, Writer)
  • Government* ( State, Local, Agencies, Contractors, Military)
  • Healthcare (Doctor, Nurse, Administration)
  • Science & Engineering (Research, Oil/Gas, Product Development)

All career documentation complies with following standards:

  • Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC)
  • Career Management Alliance
  • National Employment Counseling Association (NECA)
  • National Career Development Association
  • National Resume Writers Association (NRWA)

May I choose my own format? Believe me – I get it. It’s easy to become enamored by the creativity, colorfulness and crispness of today’s resume designs.
I am open to suggestions and preferences, but ultimately I will make the final decision on format, length etc., as my style is to maintain an effective, clean, minimalist product, while also ensuring the document is ATS compliant. All resumes will be the standard 1-2 pages (excluding federal).

What does LinkedIn services include? I will develop content for the About, Work Experience, and Endorsements sections. The info will be delivered as a document to update your profile at your convenience. For security purposes, I will never request your LinkedIn login information.